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The Story of Cooper’s Cloak Imperial Stout with Coffee
Our brewers took a field trip to Winchester’s Lone Oak Coffee to source special beans for our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout. Sam, founder and head roaster, hosted us for a great tasting experience. We found just the right blend of two coffees to make this year’s coffee stout even more amazing than last year… 

Lone Oak Costa Rica

  • Milk chocolate, praline, lemon notes 
  • Mild acidity, heavy bodied
  • Yellow Honey Process
  • Fair Trade: Llano Bonito Farm 

Lone Oak El Salvador

  • Brown sugar, dried strawberry notes
  • Wine-like acidity, delicate mouthfeel
  • Black Honey Process
  • Direct Trade: Las Veraneras Farm (delivered by the farmer direct to Lone Oak!)

Once the beer is aged in barrels–about four months–it is ready to transfer to the Grundy tank (in beer terms, this process is called racking). Our brewers lightly crack the coffee beans, drop them in muslin bags, then hang the bags in the Grundy. They then purge the oxygen from the grundy with CO2 and rack the beer. The stout incubates for ~4 days before chilling, carbing, and packaging. 

We share Lone Oak Coffee’s passion for supporting local businesses and commitment to community…”Lone Oak Coffee is the culmination of passion meeting drive and an everlasting commitment to community.” Find out more about Lone Oak Coffee here.

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