Best Beer Town?

USA Today recently released the results of their reader poll of Best Beer Towns. Grand Rapids, MI was voted #1. Now the fact that my cousin Mike lives in Grand Rapids, MI and will no doubt point out that we located our brewery in the wrong town, is not the only reason that this news pains me. It’s the fact that the list does not include Ashburn, Va. Please note the following cities were nominated:

Asheville, N.C., Austin, Baltimore, Bend, Ore., Boston, Boulder, Colo., Burlington, Vt., Chicago, Denver, Fort Collins, Colo., Grand Rapids, Mich., New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Maine, Portland, Ore., San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Washington, DC

Where is Ashburn, Va? Home of Old Ox Brewery and Lost Rhino? Beer fans…we have work to do. We need to prepare for next year’s poll. Please get ready. Do your homework. Drink more beer.

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