Order of the Ox 2024

You are invited to become a member of The Order of the Ox, a society of passionate Old Ox fans, dedicated to the relentless pursuit of convivial fellowship and exquisite beer. There are a limited number of membership slots available, so act fast before they run out! Join now!

Starting January 2, 2024, your member benefits include:

  • Mugs! Your personalized beer mug* will reside in the taproom and go home with you at the end of the year.
  • Monthly Member Nights (we’ll rotate the day, so those who have previous commitments on certain days won’t miss out).
  • Birthday Beer—a complimentary mug fill on your birthday.
  • Member Brew Day in Middleburg for the Order of the Ox beer. We’ll also offer a Brew Day in Ashburn for one of our general distribution beers.
  • Preferred seating at certain Old Ox events.
  • 15% off full-size draft pours every day which can be applied to a tab of up to 10 guests; discount does not apply to tasters and half pints.
  • 15% off 64-oz. growler fills every day. Bring your own growler.
  • 10% off Old Ox food + merchandise + package beer.
  • Member-only Order of the Ox t-shirt. Any lady who would like a woman’s cut t-shirt instead of a unisex please send us an email with your size!
  • Access to a closed Facebook Group where members can communicate with each other and the brewery.
  • Field Trip! Destination to be determined by member input…but rest assured, there will be a bus!

*Please note that while any beer served in a snifter is eligible for the 15% discount, it is not eligible for an 18-oz. pour and will be served in a snifter. Upon request, however, the tasting room staff will pour the contents of the snifter into your Order of the Ox mug.

Join the Order of the Ox today: Mug Club 2024

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