Birth of an Old Ox

Big news is a brewin’, folks! After years of planning, re-planning, and re-re-planning, we are finally at the craft brewery starting line. Beginning November 1, 2013, Old Ox Brewery will have a home. We have secured a lease on a gently used, 12,400 square foot slice of warehouse heaven, on Guilford Drive in Ashburn, VA. Those familiar with the LoCo brewing scene might recognize that street name as it was the original home of Old Dominion Brewing Company. (We are not in the same building but we are right across the street.) If all goes well, and we know it won’t, we’ll be ready to pour the first jaw-droppingly delicious pint of ox juice (Uhhh, it’s tastier than it sounds. We’re still working on the tag line.) in March. We recommend blocking off the entire month on your calendar just to make sure you’re available.

We have more exciting news coming very soon so stay tuned for updates!

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