Get your beer on for Thanksgiving!

Our family would like to join yours for Thanksgiving! The Thanksgiving Feast would not be complete without a beer selection. Here’s our recommendations for your Thanksgiving table…

Before the feast: While you’re watching football and enjoying a few apps, crack open a Hoppy Place or X-Ray Specs Red Rye IPA to pair with cheeses, salty snacks and spicy favorites. Our Alpha Ox Hoppy Pale Ale offers a low ABV alternative.

The Grand Feast: Hipmonk Belgian Dubbel is a turkey’s best friend. Rich malts, dark fruits and Belgian candi syrup give Hipmonk the complexity needed to stand up to the rich flavors on the Thanksgiving table.

The Grand Finale: Pumpkin pie and Black Ox make excellent dessert companions. Taste alert: If you are serving a pumpkin roll or other dessert that features cream cheese, you’ll be delighted to know that an IPA is the best pairing choice.

Bring an Old Ox Variety Pack to your hostess and you’ll have all the Thanksgiving beers you need. Sip Alpha Ox and Red Rye IPA during happy hour. The Golden Ox pairs well with turkey or if you’re lucky enough to find an Oxtober variety pack–Oxtober Bier is also very turkey friendly. Pair up Black Ox with your pumpkin or pecan pies, chocolate or

The Golden Ox is also an excellent companion for the Thanksgiving feast–from appetizer to dessert. If you’re looking for a single beer, Golden is a great option!

What time’s dinner?


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