Dear Awesome People

Hey Awesome People Everywhere,

We are truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for our peace offering to Red Bull. We have to believe Red Bull has taken notice and for that we thank you. It’s clear from the responses we have received so far that more people are confused by the trademark opposition than any potential brand confusion between Old Ox beer and Red Bull energy drink. The media interest has been amazing and we appreciate thee coverage. But it is the everyday people, whether they have ever tasted an Old Ox brew or not, who are outraged by the trademark bullying going on here. We are deeply grateful for your comments and support.

It’s been quite a day …

Jade Patten started a petition on

An Old Ox fan started a Corporate Bully Facebook Page.

The Associated Press did a story which was picked up by a number of publications including the Chicago Sun-Times.

A Minnesota lawyer published a thoughtful blog.

Fritz Hahn covered the story for the Washington Post.

The Washingtonian called Red Bull’s lawyer for comment–but TechMark refused.

The Beer Advocate story attracted a lot of comments!

John Holl covered our story in All About Beer. It’s not the first story he has done on this topic .. check out his story on the Great Beer Trademark Wars.

Check out additional coverage on Consumerist, WTVR, Eater, and the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Thanks to all for your unbelievable support!

The Old Ox Crew








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