You’ll be home soon, Precious

We’re finishing up our 6th week of construction here at Old Ox Brewery and things are really humming now. Concrete pads have been poured for the brew house and fermentation hall; bathrooms and lab have been framed, plumbed, and electrified; and the tasting room bar, walls, and windows have been roughed in. It’s exciting to see a brewery sprouting up where there was an empty warehouse just a few short weeks ago. Check out this nifty slideshow showing off all the great progress…

By the end of next week the vast majority of the floor work, drywall, electric, and plumbing work will be finished. That will set us up for our next big milestone… EQUIPMENT DELIVERY!!! That’s right, we’re scheduling our brewing equipment delivery for the second week of February. I’m so excited I think I just wet your pants. I cannot wait to get our precious brewing system out of storage and into her new home.


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