Order of the Ox- Ashburn Signup

2019 Order of the Ox is SOLD OUT

You are invited to become a founding member of The Order of the Ox, a society of passionate Old Ox fans, dedicated to the relentless pursuit of convivial fellowship and exquisite beer. There are only 100 membership slots available so act fast before they are all gone. 

Order of the Ox members will receive:

    • A personalized handcrafted stoneware 18-oz. beer mug that resides in the taproom all year, and goes home with you at the end of the year
    • $1 off full-size draft pours every day which can be applied to a tab of up to 10 guests; discount does not apply to tasters and half pints
    • $2 off 64-oz. growler fills every day
    • 10% off Old Ox merchandise + package beer
    • Two beer releases available for only members to purchase. Both bottles and draft available 
    • Invitation to participate in one of the two brew days for the Order of the Ox beer releases
    • Invitation to the beer release parties for the two-member only beer releases
    • Member-only Order of the Ox t-shirt
    • Annual Member Meeting
    • Access to a closed Facebook Group where members can communicate with each other and the brewery. We will also post brewery news for easy viewing

Founding members also will be given priority to enroll as a 2020 member of Order of the Ox and special founding member designation on their 2020 mug.

If you break your mug there will be a $15 fee for a new one.

Click here to join the Order of the Ox online!


Q: Why is Old Ox starting Order of the Ox?

A: We have had numerous requests from Old Ox fans to start a program such as this and we think it’s a great idea! We would like to work more closely with our loyal customers to get feedback on their Old Ox Experience in general and particularly the beers we brew. We are always looking for ways to enrich our customers’ experience!

Q: What is the cost to join Order of the Ox?

A: The annual fee for 2019 is $150.00 plus VA sales tax (6%). The membership year is January 2-December 31.

Q: When will I receive my mug, key and shirt?

A: All of the above merchandise and discounts will be available starting January 1, 2019.

Q: Are all beers eligible to be consumed in my Mug Club mug?

A: Our core and seasonal offerings and any beer served in a 16 oz. pint glass is eligible to be served in your 18 oz. Mug Club mug. Specialty beers will be served in the appropriate glass; however, you will receive your Mug Club discount on specialty beers.

Q:  Do I have to drink beers out of my Mug Club mug?

A: No, but please note that the Mug Club mug is 18 oz. which is larger than our standard 16-oz. pint glass. If you would prefer to drink from the standard pub glass, you will receive the Mug Club discount but not the additional 2 oz. pour you would get with your Mug Club mug.

Q: When will the members-only beer be released?

A: We will be brewing member-only beers in the spring and in the fall. We will be taking input from our founding members to see what beers they would like us to brew.

Q: When is the first member meeting?

A: We’d like to welcome our founding members in February. This will give us a chance to get feedback for the special beer releases, answer questions about the Order of the Ox and hear your thoughts about the brewery. We will poll members to determine the exact date.

Q: Is membership limited?

A: Yes, we have limited the number of members to 100 individuals and each member is given a number. Numbers are assigned in the order the membership application/payment is received.

Q: Sign me up!

A: Click here to join the Order of the Ox online!


Terms & Conditions

You must be 21 years old or older to join Order of the Ox. Membership is for one calendar year: January 2-December 31. Membership dues are non-refundable.

Members will be assigned a number representing the order in which they join. This number can be carried over from year-to-year.

Memberships are individual and only the individual member is eligible for all benefits of the society (except discounts can be applied to a member tab for up to 10 guests).

Special members-only beers must be picked up in person within 60 days of release date. If member is not local to the area, please designate a “trusted friend” to pick up the beer. No refunds will be given if beer is not picked up.