Blue City

Chef NEERAJ MOONDRA says: “Our daily food truck menu is inspired by the awesomely delicious street foods of India. Take a bite of a savory samosa or my mom’s famous crusty kachori and you’ll experience an explosion of flavors on your tongue that is impossible to describe in words. At Blue City, we like change. We like to experiment. We like to bring different dishes to you based on season, event, venue, and quite honestly, chef’s whim.

“Come see us at our gorgeous food truck, ask for a sample, experience the joy of tasty Indian fare chances are that you will discover something new and different. Perhaps you will find comfort in delicious butter chicken. Or maybe you will fall in love with something more obscure like “Mirchi Bada”! You’ll find something Fun for you. You’ll find something Good for you. …We never compromise on taste, quality and cleanliness.” Read more.