New Beer Year’s Resolutions took a look at how much those new year’s resolutions such as exercise more, learn a new language, eat better, read more…can cost you and the average length of time the resolved stick to their good intentions. Check out the story … and then consider the New Year’s resolutions we’ve come up with that are much easier to stick to:

  1. Try a new beer every week (One-Off-Wednesdays at Old Ox give you the opportunity to try a new brew every week)
  2. Exercise more so you can drink more beer (take a walk on the W&OD and exit between mile marker 25 and 25.5 to exercise your drinking arm)
  3. Try cooking with beer (to get you started consider this recipe from John Holl, author of the American Craft Beer Cookbook)
  4. Introduce a friend to craft beer (we welcome your guests)
  5. Join a beer club (Coming in 2015: The Oxplorer Club)

The Old Ox crew wishes you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year!

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